my story

My name is Lamin, born and raised in the DC metropolitan area. My interest in sports as kid inspired me to study communications and pursue a career in sports media. My story began to change as my community involvement helped me discover my passion, people. In 2007 I co-founded a non-profit organization focused on helping underserved youth, T.R.U.S.T. (the movement that brings about change).

After 6 years of service I felt a pull towards furthering my education. I decided to move to San Francisco where I could embrace the methodologies and principles of design, while establishing a foundation of business fundamentals to supplement my scrappy entrepreneurial experiences from my non-profit work. Moving forward, both my personal and professional goals are the same, to leverage research and strategy in a way that gives people meaningful experiences that impact their lives for the better.


What i bring

Many of my colleagues describe me as inclusive and relatable, seeking to draw everyones perspective into the conversation. I've also been told by my colleagues that my questions challenge them to think deeper about the problems we're tasked to solve. I attribute that feedback to my genuine curiosity of the unknown and the value I see in diverse perspectives converging.

As an adaptive challenge problem solver, I grapple ambiguous and complex stakeholder issues that require empathy driven research, strategic collaborations, and design leadership. At the essence of my value proposition is my ability to capture insights around people and transform that compelling data into meaningful and innovative outcomes for the stakeholders I serve.




Inquisitive energy is what keeps me digging for essence,
meaning, and compelling stories about people and culture.

Creating a space for all voices to be heard is paramount. Homogeneity and groupthink are held in check when we appreciate diversity of thought, culture and experience.

A work space with colleagues that value patience with one another boosts morale and improves collaboration. Too often people jump to conclusions about others unique work and communication styles, but patience fosters creative confidence and synergy.

Mindfulness about how we interact with one another is important to me. The Golden Rule ensures that the dignity every human being deserves is recipricated.


Heavily praised but often underutilized, empathy is the bedrock for all design. Human centered innovation derives from a deep understanding of stakeholders beyond ourselves.

Key insights and designable "aha moments" don't come instantly, time gifts us the ability to stew on stories and experiences we hear and observe.

The willingness to learn new things from every encounter we make with people in life is the difference between transformational and transactional leadership. I wanna be around the old dogs always willing and ready to learn new tricks.

A competitive spirit and work ethic bares boundless fruit. One doesn't necessarily need to compete with others, a commitment to be a better me every day is what keeps my fire lit.